How and when do I pay for the game?
When you book a game session during weekdays you can pay the fee through the proforma invoice which you will receive upon reservation via e-mail. The booked session is considered confirmed as soon as we receive your payment (or payment confirmation note). In case you book the session during weekends you will pay at the location. We do recommend that you book your session in time.
What if we are a group of over 5 people?
The more you are, the more crowded the room… We recommend between 2 and 5 participants but even if you bring a sixth team member do not worry. We will close everyone in the room. However, 7 is the maximum number of people we can accept
Is it possible to get a gift card for the Escape Room adventure?
Yes. The procedure of buying a gift card is the same as the booking procedure. The only difference is that we will e-mail you a gift card with a passcode the gift recipient needs to enter the game.
Who is the game for?
The game is intended for anyone: couples, families, groups of colleagues, friends etc. The recommended age is 8 and above, but keep in mind that children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Can I recommend the game to my foreign friends?
Of course! Our game master will be happy to guide the group through the challenges in English. Furthermore, the notes in the room are in the Slovenian as well as the English language wherever necessary.
What if I want to leave the game early?
There is a camera in the room that watches over you throughout the game. In case you feel endangered you just say it out loud and we will immediately stop the game and open the door. However, this means the end of the game for your team.
What is the price?
The price per one session is EUR 50 for 2 persons, EUR 60 for 3 to 5 persons, EUR 70 for 6 to 7 persons. When booking your session, state the number of players. If there are only two people coming, please state that when booking a session, otherwise we will charge €60.