About the game

Escape room ali soba pobega

The team behind the Energy Escape Room presents two theme rooms! Try out and escape from the first energy escape room in Slovenia, or step into detective’s shoes and try your hand at solving an apparently insolvable murder.



We know a lot about the life and work of Nikola Tesla if we only take time to do some research. But if we let ourselves go to the time in which he lived, to his way of thinking and working, we can experience something entirely different. Nikola Tesla did not patent many of his inventions. A lot of them have been destroyed by a fire. For the first time in the history of human kind you have been given the opportunity to go back one hundred years and try to save what no man has managed to save – a secret invention by Nikola Tesla – and bring it into the future for the whole world to see. “The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race,” is a famous quote by Nikola Tesla. Surely one of the greater secrets today is his experiments no one has ever been able to see.

What was his personal life like?

How is Nikola Tesla associated with pigeons?

How did he maintain mental clarity?




This time it is a country club in England which needs your help. Turn into detectives and solve the mystery behind the murder of Lord Byron. Who was it that killed him? How was he murdered, and why? Help solve the apparently insolvable crime, find all the lost police reports, all the hints and clues that ultimately lead you to the recipe for a perfect murder. Solving the mystery will be repaid in abundance! Anyone who solves the murder can hope to inherit the estate of the wealthy Lord Byron, treasures which may or may not be hiding in the room itself ... Can you manage all this AND finally escape from the bewitched country club? If you fail, you might be trapped with the ghosts of the pasts forever... Are you ready to travel in time? What is real and what is merely an illusion? Expect surprises and unexpected twists galore, and fun beyond imagining! The second escape room was inspired by and based on the book by the same name by author and the creative force behind the escape rooms in Domžale. The room gives visitors a unique way of stepping into detective’s shoes to ransack it, providing them with intriguing surprises and unexpected twists every step of the way.

How will you succeed in solving a number of riddles?


Are you alone? A couple? A group of three, four, or five friends? Groups of up to five people are welcome to visit us.

The Energy Escape Room is located just two minutes from the motorway exit Domžale (1.3 km straight ahead). We guarantee 60 minutes of fun and at least a couple of hours more of dwelling and discussion on the exciting adventure that you will have experienced.